Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Logo?

The Glasgow Phoenix logo was looking a bit auld. I thought a redesign might be nice. Given my low level of artistic ability I did the best I could - please see a couple of possible new ones below. Comments welcome. Built using PowerPoint! Original at the bottom for comparison.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Show at capacity for traders

Wappinshaw is virtually at capacity for traders. If you were hoping to trade at the show but have not yet formally expressed an interest then please do so ASAP using the contact email address.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wappinshaw 2011 - traders expected

Here is our current list of traders expected to attend Wappinshaw 2011 - subject to change.

Bear’s Den Miniatures


28mm figures, 15mm figures, 40mm figures.



28mm figures, 15mm figures, 1/3600 and 1/200 Naval, books and rules.

Pendraken Miniatures


10mm figures, 28mm figures, buildings and terrain.

Gateshead Gaming


Second hand figures, dice, games, accessories, wargaming supplies.

Colin Worley

New and second hand books.

Under The Bed Enterprises


20mm figures and models, 15mm figures and models, 28mm figures, books and flags.

Xyston Miniatures


15mm ancient figures, 28mm historical personalities, 1/600 galleys.

Jamieson’s Models

Model kits and accessories.

The Dragon and George

Board games.

Graham Robertson Books

Second hand books.

Friendship Models


Model kits, components and miniatures.



Figure bases and accessories, buildings.

Central Wargaming


Model kits, 28mm figures, 1/300 aircraft, rules, buildings, figure storage cases, wargaming supplies.

Solway Crafts and Miniatures


VBCW books, flags, wargaming supplies.

Rif Raf


28mm figures, rules, buildings and terrain, rules, basing materials, brushes and paints.

Static Games


Wappinshaw 2011 - Parking in the Buchanan Galleries

Buchanan Galleries Car Parking Information

The 2,000 space car park opens at 7.30am on Saturday morning and is open until 11.30pm.

Car park entrances are on Killermont Street and Cathedral Street.

Please note the maximum height of vehicles entering the car park is 2m.

Prices - one of the best hourly parking rates in Glasgow city centre:

    * Up to 1 hour - £1.30
    * Up to 2 hours - £2.60
    * Up to 3 hours - £3.90
    * Up to 4 hours - £6.00
    * Up to 5 hours - £8.40
    * Up to 7 hours - £12.10
    * Up to 9hr - £15.00
    * Up to 24hr - £25.00

Disabled parking

81 disabled spaces, which are spread across levels 2 - 5 of our car park. 

Wappinshaw 2011 - date and venue

Wappinshaw 2011 will be held on the 4th of June at the Royal Concert Hall Glasgow. See bottom of page for map of venue location.

The show will be from 10am to 4pm. Entry fee is £3 for adults and £1 for under 16s.

Wappinshaw 2011 - Contacts

To send the Wappinshaw team an email, please use this address. It will be checked everyday: wappinshaw@yahoo.co.uk