Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Thanks from the Wappinshaw team!

I'm sure Euan will drop by later to thank everyone, but in the meantime I would like to extend the thanks of the Glasgow Phoenix club to all those who attended as traders, gamers or punters. We hope you enjoyed your day!

As regular readers of the blog will know, I usually post a good number of pictures after each of the shows I attend, but today I was rather busy and only had ten minutes of camera time for all other games except my own [the Napoleonic game next to Warlord]. I'll edit and upload any worthwhile images tomorrow, but it will be a relatively small set. If you have any galleries of the show and you'd like them to receive a wider audience, let me know and I'll be happy to link to them.


Friday, 31 May 2013

We're ready

Below is what we believe is a first for a wargames show. This track is conveniently next door to the show hall. If, at any time, you feel yourself bursting with enthusiasm for a new period, then two or three laps should calm you down!

 Tables are set up and waiting for the traders and gamers to fill. The Phoenix club have changed from Bolt Action to Black Powder - the large table with mats already out.

Entry for Punters

15 Main Entrance

Above is your entrance from Argyle St. There will be Wappinshaw signage/logos to help you find it.

As you can see there are some steps. In the event of this representing difficulties, there will be show team members right by who will be delighted to assist - look out for anyone in a red t-shirt.

Unloading for Traders and Game-teams

A couple of pics to assist traders and those putting on games tomorrow.

1 Loading Lane

Above is the lane you'll be pulling into off Argyle St.

Twenty yards further on, this door will be on your left.

3 Access Door

Then it is through the access corridor below

6 Access Corridor

Into the hall

10 Hall

As in previous years there will be marshalling and extra bodies to help you in and out. Talk to anyone in a red shirt to get help.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

More games at Wappinshaw - public participation

The games listed in the previous posting are display/demonstrations, meaning that the thing to do is chat and thank them for their hard work. The games in the list below is of games in which you are free to participate. Don't be shy, get involved and you'll have a good time, learn about  a new game and/or period and perhaps make a couple of new pals.

As previously mentioned, Bathgate are bringing THEM! drawing on classic schlock-horror 50s Science Fiction.

SESWC will be running games of the new company level ruleset from Too Fat Lardies - 'Chain of Command'. One I'm looking forward to finding out about.

G3 will be running games of their homebrew set X-Treme-G Racing. This one made a splash at Carronade last month.

Representatives of Battlefront will be there to introduce you to Flames of War using the starter set.

Kirriemuir will allow you to re-enact the Charge of the Light Brigade splendiferously.

Glasgow, like G3 have a far-future offering of Full Thrust. Dead easy to play that one.

Mantic will be holding training sessions for Dreadball - the futuresports game that made such an impact on
Kickstarter last year.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

More games at Wappinshaw - on display

A quick round-up of some of the display games you'll be seeing at Wappinshaw.

The Phoenix Club will be putting on a game of Bolt Action.

Glasgow and District will be putting on an AVBCW game 'The Battle of Glasgow Green'

Dumfries will have a AVBCW game as well.

Dumbarton will be there with a large Warhammer layout.

Falkirk and District are running an AWI game.

Gourock are bravely attempting two ACW games at once.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Two more traders

Two last minute additions to the trader roster.

The Warp Core - http://www.thewarpcore.co.uk/ -  who will also be running participation games of X-Wing - the new[ish] space combat game based on some obscure IP from the 70's 

and The Wargames Scenery Workshop - http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wargames-Scenery-Workshop/337624139670394