Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pictures from Wappinshaw

Wappinshaw 2011 was held on June 4th at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Here are some pictures and a few comments.

Firstly, let us address what seems to be the key issue in contemporary wargames show delivery management - the catering! See 'Should shows only serve heathly food?'

Wappinshaw 2011 (136)

The Royal Concert Hall is blessed with a large refectory serving a good range of food and drink. Drinks weren't cheap, but the food was reasonably priced and of good quality. Seen above is one of the healthier options. Below one of the slightly less healthy options.

Wappinshaw 2011 (137)

As an alternative to charging entrance fees next year, the committee is considering placing a 10 pence surcharge on each bacon buttie sold. We'll be able to retire on the revenue by mid-afternoon. No pictures of those - they didn't last long enough for a photo to be taken and were possibly too obscene for younger readers to see without parental supervision.

Wappinshaw 2011

Above is the hall about ten minutes after we got access at 0800. The venue had done all the table set up for us and there was a small crew to help with the unloading. That seemed to go rediculously easily thanks to the sufficient manpower, flat route and short travel distance. I'm fairly confident loading went the same way, but I had withdrawn by then owing to fatigue.

Below an image of the show in full swing.

Wappinshaw 2011 (52)

Punters started arriving just before ten. The peak flow was perhaps around 1100 but we were still selling tickets after 1400. Given the city centre location [the venue is at the top of Buchanan St, which is right at the heart of the best retail area in Scotland and between Argyle and Sauchiehall St] many of the punters took the opportunity to nip out for other shopping before coming back. There was a good buzz about the hall all day - it was pretty busy but not too crowded - possibly helped by the above point. The proportion of participation games meant that there was plenty to do.

We're not sure about numbers but the take on the door was very pleasing and I think has surpassed all our expectations. Plenty of first-timers we think and a good number of junior gamers helped by the central location and excellent public transport links.

We were let down by a couple of traders - no names - a shame that as money was certainly being spent. Someone got my Sassanid army off the B&B at a bargain price.

We do need more and better signage on the front entrance - we'll look into that for next year.

Onto the games!

Glasgow has at least four wargames clubs. Two of these meet on the same night in adjoining buildings - Phoenix is one and G3 the other. They play a wide variety of games - including many popular SF and fantasy systems. Below some images of their Spacehulk 3d game - very popular with gamers of all ages all day.

Wappinshaw 2011 (111)

Wappinshaw 2011 (135)

Wappinshaw 2011 (44)

Glasgow and District had an interesting game based on Operation Jericho - the bombing of Amiens Prison in 1944 by Mosquito fighter-bombers: Wiki: Operation Jericho

Wappinshaw 2011 (73)

Wappinshaw 2011 (25)

All three Glasgow clubs put on participation games - the Glasgow Wargames club had a lovely mat under their Full Thrust game.

Wappinshaw 2011 (90)

Wappinshaw 2011 (66)

Wappinshaw 2011 (65)

Wappinshaw 2011 (133)

Kirriemuir brought us a Viking period skirmish game. Kids were into this one in a big way.

Wappinshaw 2011 (118)

Wappinshaw 2011 (59)

Wappinshaw 2011 (58)

Wappinshaw 2011 (127)

Wappinshaw 2011 (5)

Arty-farty reflected shot via mirrored ceiling

Wappinshaw 2011 (6)

SEWC brought us a 15mm Wild West game - 'When is the Cavalry Getting here?

Wappinshaw 2011 (46)

Wappinshaw 2011 (114)

Wappinshaw 2011 (55)

Dumbarton Wargames Club - who I think are quite a new outfit - had a Warhammer game - the Siege of Warrensburgh. Fabby skeletons and other undead.

Wappinshaw 2011 (121)

Wappinshaw 2011 (112)

Wappinshaw 2011 (18)

Wappinshaw 2011 (53)

Colonial gaming was present thanks to the Gourock club  and Magersfontein 1899. Wiki: Battle of Magersfontein My apologies to them for my camera skills failing whilst taking pictures of their game.

Wappinshaw 2011 (72)

AVBCW made an appearance. Is it just me that sees the Border Reivers subtext to games organised between Carlisle and Glasgow?

Wappinshaw 2011 (2)

Wappinshaw 2011 (61)

Wappinshaw 2011 (27)

Plenty of vehicles in this one. I believe they were using the the new Brigadier 38 rules? My copy arrived last week but I haven't got round to comprehending them yet.

Wappinshaw 2011 (97)

Wappinshaw 2011 (28)

Wappinshaw 2011 (29)

Wappinshaw 2011 (98)

You don't see many Korean War games. A conflict due a re-examination by historians and wargamers? Falkirk brought us one in 20mm with a massed Chinese attack - 'The Imjin River'.

Wappinshaw 2011 (49)

Wappinshaw 2011 (115)

Some great scenery in this one.

Wappinshaw 2011 (48)

Wappinshaw 2011 (14)

Last but certainly not least was a Back of Beyond skirmish game from the League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers/Greenock - 'The Riddle of the Sands'. The first half of the game took place above ground and the second half in the catacombs - complete with Raider-esque traps!

Wappinshaw 2011 (22)

Wappinshaw 2011 (91)

Wappinshaw 2011 (7)

I'm sure Euan will be posting in the near future to warmly thank all of the traders, gamers and punters who came to make the day what it was - which in my opinion was a very positive experience for all concerned. I hope you liked the pics!



  1. Wonderful. Lots of nice games too, and the photos are great. Why do I want to move to Leeds again?

    Oh, I remember I like saying Leeds... But I could learn to like saying Glasgow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glad you enjoed the pics Crittumbo. Hope you get some games in Leeds.


  3. Great photos and reporting!