Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Thanks for making Wappinshaw 2012 a success

Thanks to everyone who attended Wappinshaw 2012 yesterday and helped to make it a great success - to the paying customers, to the club members who ran games, to the traders and to the members of the Phoenix Club who assisted throughout the day. Not to forget the staff at the Concert Hall as well.

Numbers attending were significantly up on last year, which is good news, and we managed to squeeze in some additional traders. There were a couple less games than last year, due to unavoidable circumstances, but I think the quality and diversity of the games on offer compensated for this.

I appreciate the distances that some of our clubs, traders and customers travel to attend the show with some coming from the north of England, the northeast of Scotland and Arran. I think our furthest travelled visitor was the gentleman from Australia on a travelling holiday through the UK who happened to be in Glasgow yesterday and popped into the show.

I'm looking forward to next year and hope that we can continue to improve the show.


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