Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Very Glaswegian Civil War

A Very British Civil War is a period based on an alternate history of Britain in the 1930's. Plenty of enthusiasts out there, and having read up on some of the backstory and details of the period a lot of the alternate path does have some credibility.

The main inspiration for this period is the 1995 film starring Ian McKellen as Richard III.

If you've not seen it, this is a great take on the classic Shakespeare play and well worth seeing.

Richard III - IMDB

AVBCW will be making an appearance at Wappenshaw, with a game presented by GDWS - Glasgow and District Wargames Society. Glasgow Green 1938 - VBCW in 28mm

As an example of the genre, here are a few pics from the game put on by Dumfries last year

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