Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Carronade in Falkirk is this Saturday

Carronade in Falkirk is this Saturday - 11th May. I've enjoyed my trips there these last few years and below we have edited highlights of the photo albums I've made.

From last year:

First up - Plataea - presented by a combination of the Glasgow Phoenix Club [hosts of Wappinshaw, 1st June] and the SOA. The tiles are Paul's new self-manufactured cork set.

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (6)

Last minute adjustments

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (10)

Greek mercenaries on the Persian flank

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (19)

Greek elections today - demos in action

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (23)

Persians ready

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (12)

Get in there lads!

Phoenix-SOA - Plataea (25)

The venue - a school - has a series of halls the show uses. The main three are on the ground floor.

Hall 1

Middle Hall

Upstairs has two smaller halls which this year housed a busy flea market and a RPG annex

Flea Market

St Aidens were running a Malifaux game on some nice dungeon scenery

St Aidans Warriors - Malifaux (5)

Falkirk RPG group were making use of an innovative building system, whereby areas and structures could be clipped together in an infinite number of ways

Falkirk RPG

Falkirk RPG (6)

Dumfries had a Romans Vs Barbarians game. Many teddy bears died to make this table!

Dumfries (10)

Dumfries (4)

Border Reivers brought an unusual combination - Vietnam in 25s. I was sickeningly jealous when told how cheaply the civilian vehicles were obtained.

Border Reivers - Vietnam (11)

Border Reivers - Vietnam (15)

Border Reivers - Vietnam (8)

Border Reivers - Vietnam (12)

Most Vibrantly Coloured game of the day definitely went to the SF skirmish put on by Critical Mass Games

Critical Mass Games (4)

Glasgow and District came with an Eastern Front WW2 game in a larger than normal scale

Glasgow and District - WW2 (7)

Glasgow and District - WW2 (5)

The Iron Brigade maintained their usual standard with an ECW game. Pike and Shotte impacting the mix of period-games at shows already?

Iron Brigade - ECW (8)

Iron Brigade - ECW (5)

SESWG came with a Desert WW2 game - no idea on the rules used for this.

SESWG - WW2 (3)

SESWG - WW2 (8)

I  think there was only a single WW2 game in 15mm? RAF Leuchars were suspiciously quiet with the first in their planned series of games on the Band of Brothers in 28s.

RAF Leuchers - Band of Brothers

RAF Leuchers - Band of Brothers (6)

RAF Leuchers - Band of Brothers (2)

Carronade saw a couple of ACW games - a relative rarity in the UK circuit. The first of these was New Market, by the Dunfirmline club.

Dunfermline - ACW - New Market (9)

Dunfermline - ACW - New Market (6)

Dunfermline - ACW - New Market (3)

Longest Table Award clearly went to Gourock, presenting day two of Gettysburg

Gourock - Gettysburg Day 2 (5)

Gourock - Gettysburg Day 2 (4)

Gourock - Gettysburg Day 2 (10)

Durham were doing it Old School, with 1812 in 54

Durham - 1812 (7)

Durham - 1812 (2)

Although relatively new to the convention scene, DWARF has been running for over fifteen years.

Predominantly a GW game playing club, DWARF have recently started branching off into other systems such as Flames of War, Some ACW,  Uncharted Seas, Urban War, Wings of War and a few other small skirmish type games.

DWARF - Warhammer (3)

DWARF - Warhammer (8)

DWARF - Warhammer

Livingston took a unique approach by dividing one table into two games, one historical, one SF - to highlight the main activities of the club.

Livingstone - Split Personality (3)

The Independent Wargames Brigade are in the habit of presenting unique games. This time, it was Pirates! Award to this family for the Best Hats in Show!

Independent Wargames Group - Pirates (6)

Independent Wargames Group - Pirates (8)

Last, but certainly not least was yet another gorgeous game from the League of Augsberg.

League of Augsberg (6)

League of Augsberg (7)

League of Augsberg (2)

League of Augsberg (11)

League of Augsberg (15)

League of Augsberg (23)

League of Augsberg (20)

Pics from 2011

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (7)

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (10)

Kirriemuir - A Norse! A Norse! My Kingdom for a Norse! (15)

RAF - Great Escape (2)

Dunfermline - Assault on Kirrimagus

Independent Wargames Brigade - The Battles of Ordos (3)

Border Reivers - The Affair at Elswick (3)

Hall A


Glasgow Phoenix - Zama (8)

Phil Olley - 30 Years War (2)

Phil Olley - 30 Years War (3)

Durham Wargames - Siege of Troy (5)

League of Augsberg - Waterloo (4)

Buchan Wargames Group - Crossing of the Bereznina (5)

Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, Wappinshaw - the Glasgow show - is on the 1st of June. More news shortly.

For the full galleries of the show, please see http://www.flickr.com/photos/46755253@N00/sets/72157629607384804/


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