Wappinshaw 2013 - Key Info

Wappinshaw 2013 was on the 1st of June at the Kelvin Hall Glasgow

The Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 1800-2200 at Partick Burgh Hall.

The first Tuesday of each month is a communal game and an ideal time to introduce yourself.

Monday, 9 May 2011

More pictures from Carronade

I've now had time to edit and upload my full batch of pictures from Carronade this past weekend. Half a gig of images - my camera is quite powerful. Editing generally consists of cropping and/or rebalancing colour. Click on the image for size/download options.

The set of images I uploaded on Saturday afternoon consisted of those I was most immediately pleased with - so if your game didn't appear then it is down to my bad camera management and not your efforts. The full gallery contains images of most of the games at Carronade - but I didn't take any upstairs, nor of the Phoenix club game itself [Kadesh].

If you see your game below or in the full gallery, you are of course more than welcome to the images - contact me for the full sized versions if you can't get them from Flickr - and thank you for your efforts.

My personal favourite was the game presented by the Iron Brigade - the Relief of [checks spelling] Hapibutpur. I've been reading about colonial warfare a lot recently, and I've been a fan of Flashman for quite some time. I've also recently received a copy of The Sword and the Flame, which may send me over the edge. I liked the quality of all the components of the game, the detail of the layout and the dynamic feel that can be seen in the images.

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (7)

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (2)

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (13)

Iron Brigade - Relief of Hapibutpur (8)

Most shows usually have a naval and aerial game or two, and Carronade was no exception. Gourock presented Forcing the Dardanelles.

Gourock - Forcing the Dardanelles (6)

The AWI is a conflict that has a small but devoted following in the UK. SESWC presented Guilford. Whatever happened to the 'd'?

SESWC - Guilford (10)

SESWC - Guilford (5)
SESWC - Guilford (6)

The upswing in interest in early 20C conflict hasn't just been the parallel milieu of VBCW. The Russian and Spanish Civil wars are being seen more often at shows and in magazines. Aberdeen brought us a RCW game.

Aberdeen - The Hunt for the Tsar

My perception was that there was a higher proportion of fantasy and SF games this year. I thought the standard of these as a subset was as high as I've seen outside of a GW event. Dunfermline put on a Warhammer 40K game.

Dunfermline - Assault on Kirrimagus

DWARF had the other GW classic - WFB

WFB Game

Wigan also had a SF game, and I'm fairly certain it wasn't using GW rules.

Wigan - Assault on Tokaan IV (2)

Kirriemuir had a Dark-Age participation game. I was very impressed with the amount of detail on show for a participation game.

Kirriemuir - A Norse! A Norse! My Kingdom for a Norse!

Kirriemuir - A Norse! A Norse! My Kingdom for a Norse! (9)

On a technical level the Independent Wargamers Brigade came up trumps. On a personal level the context of the game wasn't as immediately appealing to me as the IB game, but I know others feel the opposite.

Independent Wargames Brigade - The Battles of Ordos (8)

Most pics of that game were included in the set contained in the last posting - so here is one from the same boys at the show last year

Independent Wargames Brigade - Guadacanal (6)

My second favourite game of the show - based on my own peculiar prejudices - was the VBCW game by the Border Reivers. Gamers of this milieu are really developing how industrial and urban settings are shown in a wargame.

Border Reivers - The Affair at Elswick (11)

Border Reivers - The Affair at Elswick (8)

Border Reivers - The Affair at Elswick (4)

I think I'm right is saying there was only one Napoleonic game at the show? It was a goodie anyway - League of Augsburg

League of Augsburg - Borodino (8)

The full gallery available here: Carronade 2011 - All Pics


  1. These are great pictures Michael.

    I agree that the Iron Brigade was the best table at the show although the judging committee didn't agree!

  2. Different people like different things. Both of those were good games in different styles.